Aegina really does have it all—seafood tavernas, small pebbly beaches, archaeological sites and a yachting and café lifestyle. It’s also of historical importance as from 1827-1829, Aegina Town was the temporary capital of the newly formed Greek state.


Welcome to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. And did you know that the island took its name from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”?Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity. On Mykonos celebrities, college students and families mingle together to celebrate the Greek summer. Whether you are an entertainment junkie out for a real good time, or a visitor who wishes to explore the island’s history and tradition, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.



Irakleiá is a tiny island with only 115 residents located at the western edge of the Small Eastern Cyclades island group. Dense vegetation, natural springs, smooth hills, crystalline waters (with shipwrecks at the sea-bottom!), scenic bays and caves are the characteristics of this unspoiled paradise in Cyclades. The island’s coasts are home to the Mediterranean seal Monachusmonachus and the marine turtle Carettacaretta. There are two villages on the island, Ayios Georgios (by the harbour) and Panayia. Restore your inner peace in a less-known destination, ideal for romantic, peaceful holidays and let yourself be charmed by the simplicity of its virgin nature.


Located in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, Poros has long been a popular destination among the Greeks for weekend getaways from the capital.


Koufonisia is a small group of two islets, E of Naxos and W of Amorgos these are PanoKoufonisi and Kato Koufonisi, and they are separated by a narrow 200 m. wide strait. They were named Koufonisia [meaning Hollow islands] because of the existing huge caves which gave the impression to pirates who viewed them from a distance that the islands were hollow! At a short distance you will see the deserted Keros island. It has been designated as an archaeological site under protection, as major Cycladic Art finds have been unearthed there many a time. Out of the two islands, PanoKoufonisi is the only populated one. Koufonisia are a favourite destination for those who seek to relax on their holidays and look for sheltered golden sand beaches, small natural pools of turquoise waters, feasts in the original ‘island way’ and seafood fresh from the sea.


Gerakas is a small but very picturesque fishing village because of its unique landscape. It is actually a beautiful fjord, resembling to a lake , surrounded by the impressive mountain “Parnon”. It is a perfect mooring and anchorage place , since it is totally protected from everywhere. Boats may “enter” this sea-lake , only through a narrow sea passage. Entering Gerakas through the channel, which looks like a river, is very interesting because of its impressive rocks. Eating fresh fish in the local traditional tavernas is a “must” for everyone visiting Greece.


The peninsula of Methana is rich in archeological finds and natural beauties.


It’s a seaside town built on a cape, surrounded by pine trees, that strongly resembles an island. You will enjoy the lovely beaches, and the picturesque little harbour lined with popular fish tavernas and clubs for a crazy night out.


Alimos Marina is the largest marina in Greece with over 1080 permanent mooring positions. It is located SW of Athens, approx. 12 km from the city center, 8 km from Piraeus port and 30 km from Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Transportation means are easily accessible including, trams, buses and taxis.


Amorgós is one of the most impressive Cycladic islands, boasting marvellous beaches with azure waters, gorgeous caves, ideal spots for diving, scenic bays and ancient footpaths leading through its steep rocky terrain… Inhabited since the Protocycladic Era, as indicated by archaeological finds brought to light in the area, Amorgós has a long cultural history and tradition. Step off the beaten track and visit an island that has preserved its traditional colour, where the locals welcome you with a smile on their face and make you feel at home.

Ancient Epidauvrus

The ancient city of Epidaurus dominated the Argolic land, overlooking the Saronic Gulf.


Íos or Niós, as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, like a flower, as its name “Ion” denotes. According to the ancient tradition, Íos was the homeland of Homer’s mother and the final resting place of the great epic poet. Upon reaching the island, the view before you is enchanting: as pretty as a picture, Hóra lies very close to the harbour in Ormos and greets the travellers, built in an amphitheatre-like manner on the slope of a hill, on the top of which there are ruins of a mediaeval castle. This is a listed traditional village, one of the finest examples of Cycladic architecture.


Hydra is without doubt, the most cosmopolitan island of the Saronic island chain and stands out for its classy beauty!


Náxos is the biggest and the greenest island in Cyclades with impressively high mountains, fertile valleys, lush green gorges, stunning seascapes and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops, where the inhabitants still wear their traditional dress and live off the fruits of the land! Náxos is also an island of beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles coexisting harmoniously with Cycladic cubic houses.


Spetses island, the picturesque capital of Saronic island is perfect for endless strolls such as swimming at the secluded Spetses beaches(some surrounded by pine forests).


Nafplion is among the most romantic town in Greece, geographically located on the eastern side of Peloponnese.


Unrivalled natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, unrivalled Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes make Páros, located at the heart of the Cyclades, one of the best loved holiday destinations in Greece.

Astros Beach

Paralio Astros is a port serving the inland town of Astros, Arcadia, Greece. It is part of the municipality North Kynouria and is considered a traditional settlement.Paralio Astros possesses beaches and a harbour which can accommodate small ships. A medieval Frankish fortress commands the heights of a peninsula called “The Island” which juts out to form the harbour. The main square is at the foot of the castle mount.Today, Astros’ principal industry is tourism and popular vacation spot..

Thira / Santorini

Crescent-shaped Santorini (or Thíra), the precious gem of the Aegean, is actually a group of islands consisting of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and NeaKaméni in the southernmost part of Cyclades.Did you know that the whole complex of Santorini islands is still an active volcano (the same as Méthana, Mílos and Nísiros) and probably the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea? The islands that form Santorini came into existence as a result of intensive volcanic activity; twelve huge eruptions occurred, one every 20,000 years approximately, and each violent eruption caused the collapse of the volcano’s central part creating a large crater (caldera). The volcano, however, managed to recreate itself over and over again.


Located roughly in the centre of the Minor Eastern Cyclades group, you will find popular Schoinousa, S of Naxos and NE of Irakleia; those who visit it will enjoy enchanting sunset views, lee inlets, pretty little villages, golden sand beaches and a quiet way of life that is “disturbed” only by the famous feasts held on the island. It is unnecessary to drive a car here as the 9 sq. km area is quite easy to explore on foot, in one and a half hour at the most! There are three villages: Chora (Panagia) is truly a sight not to be missed, as the characteristic Cyclades small houses have gardens teeming with basil pots and bougainvilleas; sheltered Mersini used to be a pirate hideout, today it is one of the safest harbours for small boats in the entire Aegean; Mesaria is the smallest village with kitchen gardens and small vineyards everywhere you look.


Tyros is a beautiful traditional town with strong cultural heritage which is located in the most fantastic beach of eastern Peloponnese, in the heart of “Tsakonia”.


Porto Heli is a seaside village known as one of the most popular summer destinations. It is located at the eastern part of Peloponnese and has a large port that serves a great amount of sailing boats and private yachts that visit the area. Celebrities from all over the world tend to visit this place which offers a great amount of choices in terms of accommodation. In this place you will enjoy the crystal water of the nearby beaches, the fresh fish, the nightlife and the cosmopolitan atmosphere.


The beach of Sampatiki is a small bay, with characteristically large white pebbles and clear blue waters that you could not imagine finding in the area, since it refers more to the Cyclades.


Agistri sits in the Saronic Gulf, close to the islands of Aegina and Poros.


Tolo is a charming fishing village located in the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece that belongs to the regional unit of Argolis or Argolida. But all you need to know for starters, is that Tolo is an ideal holiday spot, right by the coast, with beautiful sandy beaches, excellent dining and a range of activities, inlcuding historical and cultural sites for visitors. Tolo makes for a laid back and relaxing spot to spend a few days for solo travellers but it’s also an excellent family-friendly destination. 

Astros Kynourias

Astros beach is also called "island" and really gives you this feeling thanks to the beach with palm trees and fish taverns along the endless beach 10 km long, with unlimited options for swimming, from sandy beaches or pebbles and from organized to secluded.

Arkadiko Chorio

Arkadiko Chorio is a quiet area, suitable for relaxing and calm holidays. In the summer, various cultural events take place such as theatrical performances, evenings of music, poetry, history, chant, photography exhibitions and many other events.


If you want to refresh yourself in a small paradise, then Fokianos Beach is waiting for you. It "hides" within lush green mountain slopes, while its green waters and white pebbles make it seem like a shrine of tranquility. There’s also a small picturesque taverna in the backside of the beach that serves fresh fish and tons of satisfaction.


Kyparissi ,this well-hidden landscape concealed behind giant rocks and deep gorges, is the reason for the beautiful, seaside and completely isolated village of the prefecture of Laconia. It is located on the edge of Laconia, it is suitable for authentic Greek holidays, the good thing is that it is far from anything urban and tedious. Kyparissi, has picturesque white houses and crystal clear, narrow streets to stroll around.


A tiny island south of Peloponnese, Elafonissos is a place for total relaxation. It is mostly famous for its Carribean beaches with the golden sand and the exotic waters.


Kythira Greece is a beautiful island located in the southern part of Peloponnese. Kythira stands out for its Medieval architecture, secluded beaches, and wonderful natural setting. The most touristy places in Kythira are Avlemonas, Agia Pelagia, Chora Kythira, and Kapsali. Nevertheless, if you fancy some more secluded places to explore, a drive around the island will bring you to cliff-top villages, abandoned places, hidden beaches, and monasteries. You’re going to discover many surprises! 


With hardly 45 permanent residents and a land mass of 17.5 sq. km., the islet of Antikythera (or, differently, Tsirigoto) is found between the islands of Kythera and Crete. Its inhabitants are in fishing, cattle-breeding, apiculture and vine-growing. Being an ideal destination for quiet vacations, the island is characterized by a rare wild beauty, with low hills, rich flora and fauna, picturesque country chapels, caves and a lot of paths, which give a unique occasion for walks and excursions on foot. The islet of Antikythera has a distance of 17 naval miles from the cape Kapello, in the southern utmost of Kythera.


Monemvasia in Greece is one of the most romantic places in the country. This is a Medieval Castle Town, exclusively carved on the slopes of a rock. This fantastic place was originally constructed in the Medieval Ages and has been continuously inhabited since then. Outside the Rock, there is a new modern town with many tourist facilities. Holidays in Monemvasia can be combined with day trips to Gythio, Mystras, Neapolis and other regions of south Peloponnese.

Neapoli Voion

Neapolis is the southernmost town of mainland Greece in Peloponnese , in the area refered to as Vatica in the Peninsula of Epidauros Limira in Laconia.


Plytra is a picturesque traditional settlement with approximately 170 permanent residents. It belongs to the Municipality of Asopos and it’s located close to the village of Papadianika. It has stunning beaches such as Pacheia Ammos which holds a blue flag accreditation. Every summer the small port of Plytra besides the fishing boats it also hosts many small holiday boats.


A picturesque seaside village on the site of ancient Tefthroni. The largest village in East Mani, with 288 inhabitants, Kotronas is connected to the 'islet' (or peninsula) of Skopa by a narrow strip of land 300 meters long. There are neolithic, pre-Hellenic, Greek, and Byzantine ruins in the area.

Porto Cayo

Porto Cayo is one of the most remote parts of Mani and offers a perfect getaway from the culture. It is the southernmost tip of the peninsula where the landscape is presented by high barren hills and lacy shores with coves. On one of these beaches is the picturesque port of Porto Cayo. The beach is pebbly, but well protected from the winds and there are almost no waves. The large sandy beach of Marmari is very close, just 3 km away, and in the area you can also visit the old village of Paliro and Cape Tainaro.


Mezapos is a small fishing port and has an interesting beach between two high cliffs in the sea. It looks like the rocks have collapsed and shaped the beach as there are still large chunks of rocks there. Also, at the rocks you will find two sea caves where you can explore by swimming. The beach is even more exotic with a view - see the so-called Tigani or Castro Tigani.


In Diros bay in the area of Spilaia there are two beaches with beautiful blue waters and white pebbles. One is just below the Caves and the other on the other side of Areopolis. The caves of Diros are set along a beautiful bay on the south side of Areopoli, down the west side of Mani. Vlichada is considered one of the most beautiful caves worldwide, with a depth of 3.5 kilometres. Many animal fossils dating around 2 million years old were found here. Pink, red and white colours characterise different parts of the cave. The other important Diros caves are Alepotripa, which was inhabited some time 5,300 years ago, and was also a burial spot of sorts. The cave revealed ceramic statues, marble relics, animal bones and more, many of which are on display nearby at the Neolithic museum of Diro. There is also Katafigi, considered the third cave of Diros 500 meters away from Vlichada. This cave has an area of 2,700 square meters.


Limeni is a picturesque little seaside village in Mani and it is exactly what your dreams are made of! Stone- made houses built on the sea and emerald waters, create the perfect holiday scenery, if you are seeking for a quiet, yet unbelievably beautiful place for your vacation. The beach in Limeni is stony in and out, making the wild natural beauty of the place even more profound. The little traditional taverns on the sea are your perfect chance to taste yummy seafood, fish and delicious meat recipes.


Finikounda is a coastal village of Messenia, which has developed into one of the most beautiful summer resorts of southern Peloponnese. Belongs administratively to the municipality Methoni and has a population of approximately 700 residents. The village is built at the head of a bay, exactly opposite the complex of Oinousses, that compose the Sapienza islands Schiza and Agia Mariani. Finikounda is now one of the major tourist resorts of Messenia, combining harmonically mountain and sea. The attention of the visitors mainly attract the stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Also, the picturesque landscape and the excellent tourist infrastructure have made Finikounda popular summer destination.


Opposite to Methoni in Peloponnese is located the island of Sapientza. Sapientza considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of Messinia as it combines wild vegetation with amazing beaches.


Methoni is one of the castles-cities of Messinia built in a very strategic location. Its castle dominates the area built on a rock which penetrates the sea and is separated from the mainland by an artificial moat. The jewel of the castle is its tower the ‘’Burji’’ which is connected with an arched, stone paved bridge. With its old houses with wrought-iron balconies and its magnificent Venetian citadel, the southernmost town of the western coast of the Peloponnese is a charming, flower-filled little spot that is well-equipped for tourists. Above all, it is known for the magnificent setting provided by its sandy beach.


Coastal Pylos presides over the southern end of an immense bay. With its huge natural harbour that's formed by the Sfaktiria Islet, its castle and surrounding pine-covered hills, Pylos is not just picturesque, but is also one of the region's most historically significant towns.


Voidokilia Beach is possibly the most renowned beach in Messenia and one of the most exquisite beaches in whole Greece! Every special beach hides an interesting story. In the case of Voidokilia, the beach surrounds a natural little bay, with white fine sand spread from edge to edge of the large coast. As you lie on the beach, you can see Paliokastro on your left and on your right, on the other side of the beach, you can stare at the vaulted tomb which stands up on the hill. Low vegetation bounds the bay and the sand conceals an abundance of gorgeous shells – it only takes for you to dip your hand in the sand! The beach is as remote as necessary, in order to remain “authentic” and intact by civilization! It is part of the Natura 2000 protected area. There is no organized activity in the area.

Nisos Proti

Nisos Proti is a magical place. An idiosyncratic and beautiful island, a breath away from Marathopoli, Messinia. It has only one beach, Vourlia, which has turquoise, exotic waters and a few meters from the beach, the wreck of the ship Anuar, 40 meters long, which was bombed during World War II lies a few meters below sea level .


Kyparissia is a lovely seaside town that makes an ideal family destination. This small town in western Peloponnese combines traditional architecture, modern tourist facilities and nice beaches in the region. On top of the hill above the modern town is the picturesque Old Town of Kyparissia and the Venetian Castle.


Katakolo's port, that is recently reconstructed, is a busy port full of the cruise ships visiting the Ancient Olympia. An area full of history, the birthplace of Olympics , offer a selection of shore excursions to Ancient Olympia archaelogical site and museum and to nearby area. A historic place and Unesco's monument that should be visited. 


Kyllini is situated at the northwest of Peloponnese. Kyllini, in geographical terms, includes the wider districts of Kyllini, Kastro, Kato Panagia, Neochori, Loutra Kyllini, Golden Beach etc.


Patra is the third-largest town in Greece and has a busy port that serves ferries to the Ionian islands and Italy. Although the history of this town dates from ancient times, few ancient remains survive today, except for the Roman Oden.


Marmari is located in the magnificent south bay of Evia Island, very close to the second main port of Athens Rafina. Marmari offers you the simplicity and nature of a typical fishing village which is not spoiled yet by mass tourism also the waters are crystal blue, mirroring the sky….. Marmari “floats” between two seas from the southern gulf of Evia Island to the Aegean Sea.

Limni Evias

Limni is undoubtedly the most picturesque village in North Evia and attracts visitors with its narrow streets, traditional houses and greenery from the mountain. The Limni is a city built on the sea and makes you feel like you are on an island. Most of the inhabitants of the lake are of Aegean origin, as several captains of the Aegean were transferred to the area in the 16th century. The heart of the lake beats its coastal area, where tourists and locals meet to enjoy their coffee or food, overlooking the Euboean Bay and the lush slope of the city.


The complex of islands is a volcanic energy creation and forms a single volcanic formation. The largest island of the complex is called Manolia, it is verdant with turquoise waters where our well-organized beach bar is located. The tour continues with the impressive visit of a wreck to the west of the island, in a series of dows, and is perceived without diving equipment as it is only 6 meters apart. One of the most pleasant surprises in the wider area is the presence of a graceful family of seals, who for a few years have chosen Lichadonisia as their permanent residence. Their appearances are frequent during the day and their poses for skilled photographers are particularly impressive.


The town of Oreoi and its coastline was planned and built in 1833 by the Bavarian topographer, George Sdoumayer. This explains the fact that the area close to the port was not residential because of the fear of invasions from the sea. The building in this area started after 1850 with plans from Bavarian palace builders and Stamatis Kleanthis, a Greek engineer from Constantinople.


Pefki is a seaside resort in the north of the island of Evia. It is set in a green area with predominantly pine trees ("pefki" in Greek means "pine trees") and fields with olive trees. There are also many grapes grown in the area. About 500 people live in the village of Pefki and it is popular with Greek tourists especially, and has a large partly organized beach consisting of coarse sand and small pebbles and stones. The beach is some 2 kilometers long and quite wide and there are some trees along it.

Platanias Magnisias

The beautiful coastal settlement of Platanias in Magnisia is considered a small paradise in Pelion. It is located in South East Pelion, 82 km. from the airport of Aghialos. Away from the noise with a beach almost untouched by cars is the ideal place for family holidays with children, but also for those who want tranquility and relaxation in the beautiful natural environment.


A chic crowd, first-rate beaches and a rich history bring an irresistible allure to this lush green island. From its deep green trees to its rockin’ bars and restaurants, Skiathos invites you to take part in its distinctive and spirited vibe. Perfect for those who demand high standards, it has long been a premier destination for cosmopolitan travellers, particularly those on yachts and sailboats cruising the Mediterranean. At its lively marina, boats of all kinds – many available for private charter – are docked side by side.


This green island, with its tree-studded beaches and secluded bays, may be where Mamma Mia was filmed but it hasn’t let fame go to its head. If your holiday priorities are tranquillity, relaxation and natural beauty, then make your way to Skopelos in the Sporades. Layer upon layer of luscious shades of green make a stunning vista of pine trees stretching out to the seashore, where you’ll find hidden coves with fishing boats and winding paths leading through dense forests.


Nature all is all you need on this idyllic Greek island surrounded by a marine park. On the western side of the Aegean, on the edge of the Sporades, you’ll find one of the least developed Greek islands. Alonissos will captivate you with its lush, green landscape and pristine beaches, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a hidden escape waiting to share its secrets.


Lilliputian horses, miniature furniture and lobster-spaghetti … Skyros is full of unexpected discoveries. Skyros isn’t the first island you think of for your holiday in Greece, but it does have a devoted following which comes back year after year. One of them, the diminutive Skyrian horse, looks like it might have escaped from the frieze of the Parthenon.


The beautiful stone houses, tall trees and streams of the region creates a unique natural landscape that complement the old watermills that are reminiscent of scenes from the past. Petries is an ideal destination for a peaceful family holidays. Only 3.5 km from the village lies the coastal hamlet of Agioi Apostoloi with its beach that is one of the most popular of Evia.


Kymi is a charming port town that is located on the eastern coast of the island of Evia. There are around 3000 residents in Kymi and it is the capital town of the Karystos region of Evia. The town is built amphitheatrically on a hill near to the coast and provides some wonderful views stretching out over the Aegean sea. Kymi is often referred to as the "Balcony of the Aegean".


Set below Mt Ohi, Karystos Bay, and flanked by two sandy silver-brown beaches, this low-key coastal resort is southern Evia's main hub, where friendly locals enjoy life at a pace that makes you forget how close you are to Athens. Mentioned in Homer’s 'Iliad', Karystos was a powerful city-state during the Peloponnesian War.

Sami – Kefalonia

Sami is a beautiful coastal town located close to Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. The village reaches a population of 1000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and fishing. Sami is the second largest port of Kefalonia after Argostoli. The modern village is built close to ancient Sami, one of the most important archeological discoveries of Kefalonia.

Zakinthos – Zante

The Venetians called this southernmost Ionian island Fiore di Levante, the Flower of the East. Its nobility and fertility made it the jewel of their empire. Today’s visitors would agree, though they come for its iconic beaches – Lagana, Tsilivi, Argassi, Kalamaki, Alykes – where British, French and Italians know how to have a good time. Looking for lifelong memories? You’ll find them when you swim at the famous Shipwreck Beach, watch the sunset from the cliffs of Keri and Kryoneri, listen to the islanders sing their cantatas and see the endangered caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs in the island’s white sands. Welcome to Zante – or Zakynthos, as it’s known in Greece, the island that has it all.


Messolonghi is a beautiful small town located on the western side of Greece. Stretching around a mesmerizing sea lake dotted with tiny fishermen houses, Messolonghi oozes charm in abundance! The beautiful lake of Messolonghi is the prime economic source of this little town, as many inhabitants live from fishing and fish roe trading.

Tzia - Kea

Close to Athens but part of the Cyclades island chain, Tzia offers invigorating walks past ancient cities and a wide choice of sandy beaches. Cosmopolitan and friendly Tzia is just an hour away from the port of Lavrio, east of Athens.


The Cycladic island of Kythnos has landscapes that will seduce you, with colours and scents of the Aegean and stories that sweetly mix legend and myth with history. Once you get to know Kythnos, you will realise why its name is derived from the ancient Greek verb “keftho”, which means “hide”. There is so much hidden beauty and authentic Aegean character here, even though it’s just a short hop by ferry from Athens.


Some islands remain essentially unchanged. Serifos is one of them, a holiday destination for those looking for something above and beyond  a glittery facade. The landscape here changes with the light.


Among the Cycladic islands, Sifnos stands out for both its architecture and natural beauty. Once a thriving gold and silver mining location, it has, since ancient times, cultivated a reputation for the finer things in life. Today, the island combines the picturesque with a rich tradition in cuisine and crafts, along with a high-level infrastructure in tourism. Despite its refined culture and “Cycladic chic” ambience, Sifnos retains a low profile that instils a sense of peace in the visitor.


Nature gave birth to this island in a fit of rage and compensated by endowing it with rich gifts. The volcanic island of Kimolos – Arzantiera, meaning silver, to the Venetians – welcomes you in its own serene way. Colourful, shiny pebbles; limpid waters; grey-white rocks whose shapes tease the imagination; thermal springs streaming onto sandy beaches … everything comes together as one single painting of unique beauty.


Nature gave birth to this island in a fit of rage and compensated by endowing it with rich gifts. The volcanic island of Kimolos – Arzantiera, meaning silver, to the Venetians – welcomes you in its own serene way. Colourful, shiny pebbles; limpid waters; grey-white rocks whose shapes tease the imagination; thermal springs streaming onto sandy beaches … everything comes together as one single painting of unique beauty.


Nature gave birth to this island in a fit of rage and compensated by endowing it with rich gifts. The volcanic island of Kimolos – Arzantiera, meaning silver, to the Venetians – welcomes you in its own serene way. Colourful, shiny pebbles; limpid waters; grey-white rocks whose shapes tease the imagination; thermal springs streaming onto sandy beaches … everything comes together as one single painting of unique beauty.

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