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About Our Company

For generations now, we have been born and bred close to the sea. After 30 years of
involvement in various sectors such as security, navigation, seamanship and even racing
sailboats led to the foundation of our family business.
Our mission began behind a passion for sailing and a vision for Prima Yachting to fill the
waters of the Mediterranean with yacht charters and open the door of opportunity for
everyone to experience the incomparable feeling of freedom when sailing across the deep
blue Greek seas. The company is built on a foundation of dedicated service and a passion for
sailing lifestyle. The result has been a growing and successfully expanding company ever
We had to innovate and think how to surpass the competition and drive this company to the
top of the market by putting the client first. Along with the urge to outperform and
overdeliver the trust integrity that defined are embedded in the Prima Yachting DNA and
reach into every corner of our personalized client services.

Committed to changing the industry or we should better say – upgrade the industry – we
decided to combine the hotel experience and the bare boat or skippered charters
introducing, a five star accommodation able to sail with you at your command and will.
Made up beds, amenities, welcome pack including fine selected wine variety, fruits and extra
virgin Greek olive oil and lots of complimentary vendibles.
Numerous repeat clients testify to the superior level of quality, service and reliability. The
discriminating charter clients demanding luxury, seaworthiness and first class service put
their trust in Prima Yachting with new luxurious and well-maintained boats, we offer you
safe, comfortable and unforgettable sailing escapes.
With the entire focus being on you and your perfect vacation, we help you with an itinerary
that suits your interest and explore the beauty of the many popular or untouched islands
and caves of the Greek seas. The natural wonders and quiet sanctuaries of sea life coupled
with enjoying the first-class service on-board our yachts are guaranteed to please you. With
our 5-Star team, possibilities are limitless. If you can imagine your dream voyage, we can go
that extra mile to achieve it, creating a unique yachting vacation just for you.