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Located on the eastern side of Peloponnese, Porto Heli is a small seaside town with large port. This port is a frequent mooring place for fishing boats and yachts in summer, giving to Porto Heli in Greece a cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are a couple of organized beaches in Porto Heli, but the majority are small secluded coves with relaxing atmosphere. A frequent family destination.

Swimming :

Town Beach :Is a Sandy and Family Friendly beach


Salt & pepper, Godai Seascape, The Drunken Clam

Port of Portocheli

  • Shelter: All round
  • Mooring: Excellent holding.Make sure your anchor is wellin as the NE winds will push the vessel directly onto the quay and the strong SE winds tend to tip the boat to one side.The Harbour office allocates the vessels with berths.