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N.AIGINA :The island of Aegina is one of the most popular tourist destinations as it is the closest island to Athens (only 17 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus).Aegina town, the capital of the island, stands out for its well-preserved buildings. On the outskirts you can find charming little villages with distinctive traditional character, such as Kypseli, Agii and Vagia as well as organized tourist resorts like Agia Marina, Perdika, and Souvala. Aègina is also surrounded by many smaller islands (Moni, Metopi, Diaporia, Lagouses, Kyra, Dorousa, Spalathonisi, Anonyma).

Swimming :

Agia Marina Beach :The most beautiful beach on the island is located in Agia Marina. If someone arrived at the port of Aegina, he would have to travel there by car (15 km approx.)It is organized offering umbrellas – sun beds and water sports activities. Near the beach there are bars, snack bars, taverns, restaurants.
Souvala and LoutraSouvala (Baths)
They are located at the northern part of the island in the village of Souvala, the first next to small port of Souvala and the second a short distance from there, where the hot springs of Souvala are located. Taverns, restaurants and bars are nearby.

Avra Beach
It is near the port on the left as we disembark from the ships and is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. Very close to it are shops where you can find refreshments, food, beach items etc.

Kolona Beach
Located approximately 350 meters from the port, immediately after Kolona hill (the temple of Delphinium Apollo).

Restaurant :

Remetzo (Perdika)

Miltos (Perdika)

Tsias (Aegina Town)

Aigina Central Port:

  • Shetler:All round
  • Mooring:Ask the port police for berth.Make sure that your anchor has caught because the holding is poor in place There are permanent moorings with marking buoys in the marina.

Aigina Perdika Port

  • Shelter:From NW-E and S winds.The waves from the strong siroccos(SE) and ESE break onto the island of Moni and the rebound comes into the harbor and nothing can withstandit.Leave in plenty of time and head for the bay of Marathona.The strong W wind also creates a real problem and needs attention.
  • Mooring: Poor holding in places