The peninsula of Methana is rich in archeological finds and natural beauties. The existence of hot springs is due to the volcanic activity in the area, which has been mentioned since antiquity. Known since antiquity for their thermal springs, they are still a popular spa town, but it has to offer the visitor several more options. Hiking on the volcano trails, swimming, fishing or water activities on verdant beaches, fresh fish and seafood in fishing villages are just some of the things you can enjoy on this Argosaronikos peninsula. Climb the crater of the volcano and admire the wonderful view. Visit the two thermal facilities in Agios Anargyros and Agios Nikolaos and take advantage of the beneficial properties of their springs.

Vathi is a small fishing village, on the southwest side of the Methana peninsula. It is located in the gulf of Epidaurus, opposite Kalloni of Trizinia, below Megalochori and the volcano of Kameni. It is an ideal destination for a really calm and relaxing holiday. An oasis of peace and tranquility, of the few that remain. Its port is well protected from the weather and is a berth for yachts, sailboats and other boats. It is the arachnovoli of the Saronic Gulf, where every night several tourist boats find shelter. Vathi is a well-known "fishing village", where you will find picturesque taverns, with their tables by the sea, offering fresh fish from local fishermen. Around the port are built the houses of the village and the accommodations that extend to the slope of the mountain, with the olive trees completing the landscape reaching the sea, while on the surrounding slopes there are small vineyards and a few fruit trees.

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