Set below Mt Ohi, Karystos Bay, and flanked by two sandy silver-brown beaches, this low-key coastal resort is southern Evia's main hub, where friendly locals enjoy life at a pace that makes you forget how close you are to Athens. Mentioned in Homer’s 'Iliad', Karystos was a powerful city-state during the Peloponnesian War.

Today, there's little evidence of its former status, and the down-to-earth grid-design town is the starting point for stunning treks up Mt Ohi.  Karystos is a picturesque town and port, with many squares and a functional street planning which was designed by city planners of king Othonas. It is known from ancient times for its famous Karystos slabs, slate rocks of the area.

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Head Office
Valtetsiou 9, Agios Dimitrios 17341
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Charter Base
Marina Alimou 174 55
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