Kyllini is situated at the northwest of Peloponnese. Kyllini, in geographical terms, includes the wider districts of Kyllini, Kastro, Kato Panagia, Neochori, Loutra Kyllini, Golden Beach etc.

Kyllini is a popular destination for many travelers due to the long sandy coastline of the area, the thermal springs Loutra Killinis and the famous archaeological sites of the area like the Chlemoutsi Castle and the Ancient Olympia. Loutra Kyllinis is an area of exceptional natural beauty. A region with dense vegetation by old age trees, mainly eucalyptuses. The thermal springs are between two lines of hills (mostly sandy) which format a valley spreading up to the sea for about 330 meters.

The impressive thing about these open-air thermals is that they are found (and used) inside an archaeological site. People swim in the springs and get fully covered with mud as part of their therapy. In the area you will find a restaurants, fish taverns, shops and a lot of activities.

The Chlemoutsi castel is the most significant attraction in the wider area and during the period of its peak , whoever owned it, could control the entire Peloponnese. The castle is located in the center of the “Helonata” hill in the village of Kastro. The Fortress has a wide panoramic view , from the top of the walls, of Zakynthos ,Cephalonia , Ithaca , Lefkada and the entire plain of Elis to the east. The Castle is 228 meters above sea level.

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