Opposite to Methoni in Peloponnese is located the island of Sapientza. Sapientza considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of Messinia as it combines wild vegetation with amazing beaches. In the south side of the island exists a historical lighthouse built totally from stones in 1885. The lighthouse was built there to help the passing ships as the area was really dangerous and there have been a lot of shipwrecks. The visitor can reach the top of the lighthouse by climbing the 75 stone steps! From there appears the famous rocky islet that is heart-shaped! The name Sapientza is Italian and it means “wisdom”. The name of the island was preparing captains who approach it with their ships to be really careful because the waters there were very dangerous.

Today at the bottom of the sea there are dozens of shipwrecks. A lot of ships hit the sharp and steep cliffs of the island, among them were German ships of the second World War which sunk by the famous submarine “Papanikolis”. The most impressive of all the shipwrecks are the wreck of “The ancient pillars” and the wreck of the “Sarcofagus”.

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