Finikounda is a coastal village of Messenia, which has developed into one of the most beautiful summer resorts of southern Peloponnese. Belongs administratively to the municipality Methoni and has a population of approximately 700 residents. The village is built at the head of a bay, exactly opposite the complex of Oinousses, that compose the Sapienza islands Schiza and Agia Mariani. Finikounda is now one of the major tourist resorts of Messenia, combining harmonically mountain and sea. The attention of the visitors mainly attract the stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Also, the picturesque landscape and the excellent tourist infrastructure have made Finikounda popular summer destination.

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Head Office
Valtetsiou 9, Agios Dimitrios 17341
+210 9310119
Charter Base
Marina Alimou 174 55
Office A12