Neapolis is the southernmost town of mainland Greece in Peloponnese , in the area refered to as Vatica in the Peninsula of Epidauros Limira in Laconia.

Neapolis has grown since the mid-19th century from a quiet small fishing village to a busy summer resort and is today a major port and the commercial center and the hub of the social and night life of the whole Vatica region. It is a lively market town of many facets yet peaceful and easygoing, with something to please every visitor. Its warm and hospitable inhabitants are chiefly seamen , fishermen ,farmers and merchants. Neapoli is particularly known for its Vatica onions, its excellent olive oil and its fishing.

Water sports, broad sandy beaches and secluded caves , beautiful fishing villages , taverns and waterside cafes, mountain springs amidst plain and walnut trees, numerous archaeological sites and Byzantine monasteries and churches are among the region’s many attractions.

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