Tyros is a beautiful traditional town with strong cultural heritage which is located in the most fantastic beach of eastern Peloponnese, in the heart of “Tsakonia”.

Tyros Arkadias is one of the remaining eight villages in Greece that still use the Tsakonian language, one of the oldest Doric dialects! 

It is one of the oldest naval states in the eastern Peloponnese and the inhabitants of Tire are inextricably linked to the sea and seafaring, continuing an age-old tradition. It spreads lazily on the slope of the mountain and reaches the sea, ending in a wonderful bay on a beach two kilometers above the sea, where taking your walk, you suck the sea urchin.

It is a rapidly growing tourist resort that more and more Greeks and Europeans prefer for their holidays, to enjoy the clean beaches at 18km. of the coastline. The three windmills at the top of the rock dive into the sea, at the southern end of the harbor, which, after its recent extension, can accommodate larger boats, whose masts orphan it and give it an island.

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