Located roughly in the centre of the Minor Eastern Cyclades group, you will find popular Schoinousa, S of Naxos and NE of Irakleia; those who visit it will enjoy enchanting sunset views, lee inlets, pretty little villages, golden sand beaches and a quiet way of life that is “disturbed” only by the famous feasts held on the island. It is unnecessary to drive a car here as the 9 sq. km area is quite easy to explore on foot, in one and a half hour at the most! There are three villages: Chora (Panagia) is truly a sight not to be missed, as the characteristic Cyclades small houses have gardens teeming with basil pots and bougainvilleas; sheltered Mersini used to be a pirate hideout, today it is one of the safest harbours for small boats in the entire Aegean; Mesaria is the smallest village with kitchen gardens and small vineyards everywhere you look.


Almyros:Almyros can be reached through a track road. It provides an excellent environment for peaceful swimming.

Fikio: Fikio is difficult to reach on foot, so you’d better take the boat to go there. It is known for its special water and some underwater reefs provide great chances for scuba diving.

Psili Ammos:Psili Ammos is one of the best beaches in Schinoussa


Kira Pothiti (Schinoussa Town), Restaurant – Psestarias 8 Adelphia, Meltemi Restaurant

Port of Schoinousa

  • Shelter: From W-E winds.The best anchorage in the area from N winds
  • Mooring: Good holding in places
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Marina Alimou 174 55
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