Unrivalled natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, unrivalled Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes make Páros, located at the heart of the Cyclades, one of the best loved holiday destinations in Greece.


Kolymbithres:Kolymbithres is the most famous beach in the area of Naoussa, the second largest village of Paros. The beach is known for its clean water and the rock formations.

Kalogeras:This is a small pebbled beach surrounded by high cliffs. It is located close to Molos, on the eastern side of Paros.

Katholiko:Katholiko is a small rocky beach at the entrance of the gulf of Naoussa, on the northern side of Paros.

Golden Beach:One of the biggest Beaches in Paros,with gold sand


Markakis Restaurant (PisoLivadi)

Barbarossa (Naousa)

Mango (Logaras)

Giorgos& Anna (Logaras)

Port of Naousa
Shelter: Inside the harbour, all round.Along the outside of the yacht’s pier,you should make sure that your anchor holds well,in order to stand against the E,SE and SW winds.The two bays opposite the harbour offer good protection against the N winds (meltemi), especially the eastern one,
Mooring: Good holding.In the event that there is on room to be found on the yachts pier,ask the Port Police for a berth or anchor ‘’at road’’.If it is too blowy,moor in one of the opposite gulfs

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