MikriVigla:MikriVigla is one of the most famous windsurfing spots in Naxos. The wind is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing and many watersports centre line this beach.

Aliko:There are many coves both sides of Aliko beach and the sea is crystal clear. The unique cedar forest with the sand dunes all over the area create a really exotic environment.

Pyrgaki:Pyrgaki is a golden beach on the southern of the island. It is very beautiful and calmer than other beaches on the island.


To Ariston (Naxos Town) Antamoma Cuisine Deli Store (Naxos Town) Nostimon Hellas (Naxos Town)

Port of Naxos

  • Shelter: All round in the Marina. From N-E winds in the Limani.The N winds create swell in the harbour . The air from SE and SW winds blows in gust. The SW winds in particular are dangerous. With N-NE winds, you can shelter safely in the area of Vitzi and with S-SW winds in the anchorage in the area of Grotta
  • Mooring: Good holding. Contact the Harbour Office for a berth. There are permanent moorings with small marker buoys onto which you can moor
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Head Office
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Charter Base
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