The ancient city of Epidaurus dominated the Argolic land, overlooking the Saronic Gulf.

The mountains Arachneo, Korifaio and Tithio create a natural embrace, which protected the state from the winds, giving it a wonderful climate. Plenty of gurgling waters, beautiful natural landscapes and favorable climatic conditions created the ideal place for the healing of man, with the power of the gods. Thus was created the Asclepieion, the seat of the god physician of antiquity and the most important healing center of the entire Greek and Roman world. Although it was the main sanctuary of the small seaside town of Epidaurus, its fame and recognition of its importance quickly surpassed the borders of Argolis and was considered the birthplace of medicine.

According to sources, more than 200 spas operated throughout the Eastern Mediterranean as its institutions. Today, his monuments are not only world-famous masterpieces of ancient Greek art, but also an excellent testimony to the practice of medicine in antiquity. They reflected the evolution of medicine from the phase in which healing depended exclusively on God to its transformation into a science, with the systematic recording of cases and the gradual accumulation of knowledge and experience.

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