Looking for untouched beauty, some peace and quiet for your next holiday in Greece? Attica is full of hidden corners, even exotic destinations that you may not imagine.


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One such exotic destination in Attica, is Kavo-Skili or otherwise Chelevinia . This paradise is mainly known to yacht owners who choose the area for diving. After all, it is not easy to approach the point in any other way. What makes it stand out are the beautiful turquoise waters and blue lakes that are reminiscent of tropical countries especially when you see them from above. Kavo-Skyli, the tropical destination in Attica is actually a cape of the Peloponnese, but administratively it belongs to Attica. It is located at the eastern end of the Argolis Peninsula and is the easternmost end of the geographical region of the Peloponnese. This particular part, which of course, is not very easily accessible, is surrounded north by the Saronic Gulf, east and south by the Aegean Sea (Argo Saronic region). To the east of the cape are two islets, Skili and Spathi, often referred to as “Tselevinia”. Cape Skyli along with Cape Sounio and the island of Agios Georgios Lavreotikis mark the boundaries of the Saronic Gulf.



Fleves is a small, abandoned and fairly dry island south of the seaside resort of Vouliagmeni on the Greek mainland. The small island rises out of the turquoise sea with its high white steep cliffs and is mostly covered with low bushes. There are sea caves along the coast. Fleves is popular with project developers that want to turn the island into a luxurious holiday paradise. So far that has not happened and nature action groups will try to prevent this from happening. The island is now the domain of the fishermen and of divers that want to explore the many old sunken boats that are scattered around the island, including boats from the ancient period (with amphorae, etc).



Hydrousa or Katramonisi, with an area of 57 acres, has 2 beaches, about 100 meters long, is 0.7 nautical miles from Voula and 1.5 from Vouliagmeni and is the destination preferred by those who have a boat to go for a swim especially on summer weekends. The clear blue waters, but especially the short distance that offers fuel economy and time make the island an ideal destination for those who have a boat or jet ski. In fact, it is not uncommon for amateur captains to find a place to moor from the many boats that have been assembled. The most … “initiated” in the close escapes, however, claim that it is the ideal destination for a dive on weekdays, as the boats are noticeably smaller. In fact, its main beach is protected by a reef and so only small boats and mostly inflatables can reach the shore from a small sea corridor. In the past, there was a canteen on the island, which no longer exists. Of course, Hydrousa is worth noting that … it is inhabited by dozens of rabbits, which enjoy their freedom on the island, while they are an attraction for its visitors.



The island of Saint George – Velvina is located in the middle of the Saronic Gulf, opposite Anavyssos. The island strangely belongs to the municipality of Hydra. The island of 9 square kilometers has always been owned by the people of Hydra – the last owner of the Kotroni family – it is registered at the Hydra Mortgage Office. It is 12 miles from Sounio.




The rocky islet of Arsida is located very close to the beach of Anavyssos. Diving can be done all year round for all levels as the depths vary. But what makes the dive special on this island is its cave. Wonderful, shallow and friendly to all divers and swimmers if they wish to follow, with its blue-green waters and the unique shades of the sun since the cave above is open. Thus, the sun responsible for life on our planet, knows how to enchant the underwater and not only photographers with its highlights. Life on the rocky islet of Arsida is very rich in caterpillars, fish, octopuses, shellfish and for some lucky divers, as has happened in the past, they may encounter the seal that uses the cave as a shelter.



The island of Metopi is located northeast of Agistri and is about 1 nautical mile from the port of Skala. On the southeastern side of the islet is a very beautiful small beach with white sand and shallow blue-green waters. On the island there is the Chapel of Agios Theodoros.



The island of Dorousa is located southwest of Agistri, just half a mile across from the island. Its shores are rocky, with deep waters, ideal for spearfishing. On the island there is the Church of the Prophet Elias.



The island of Kyra (or Pityonisos) is located northwest of Agistri, is uninhabited and has an area of 0.8 In ancient times it was called Pityonisos, because it was covered by pines. It has a small beach on its southeast side and another on its west side. On the islet there are some goats and several rabbits



To the west of the island of Kyra is the rocky islet of Spalathronisi, which is uninhabited and together with the other islands around it is a kind of bridge between Aegina and Cape Trachili of Epidaurus.



The island of Aponisos is located after Dragonera, West of Limenara. The unique combination of colors takes you to exotic places, offering you a unique relaxation and tranquility. The pines reach the sea and end up in small flat rocks. Its small bay is used as an anchorage by many small and large boats. There is an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports.



In a dazzling passage of the Saronic Gulf, between Ermioni, Hydra and Spetses there is a small piece of jewelry. Dokos, an island of pure masterpiece! All those who love Hydra and Spetses, and there are many of them, do not miss to visit this paradise in miniature, which has a paradoxical, charming and in some parts of the Spartan history.

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