Now that the major coronavirus outburst is finally over it’s time to start planning your summer traveling and holidays!

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Greece is the ideal place for a fantastic escape to the endless blue. Its seas and islands need no further introduction. By sailboat or motorized craft, the choices are endless. Deserted beaches that can not be reached by land are in abundance. Escaping to the blue by boat has its own unique charm.

However, in a short time, the deadly COVID-19 spread all over the world, forcing one country after another to take strict measures. There is no industry that has not been affected by this new reality, so as yachting. Also, the summer is still coming and the threat of Covid-19 seems to settled if we all follow the new instruction for public health.

In the last weeks, we have received a lot of questions about the coronavirus and yacht charter vacations for the upcoming summer holidays. From 1st of July charter yachts will be free to sail through crystal blue water in Greece. We are in constant communication with the official authorities to make sure we are always aligned with the latest official guidelines for safe charters.


Even though it will be a summer with maximum safety precautions in place, renting a yacht, motorboat, catamaran or sailboat is among the safest and most exciting summer holidays options if not the safest and most exciting one this summer. Especially in Greece, since it is considered a very low-risk coronavirus country.

Here are all the reasons yacht charter vacations in Greece post-COVID-19 is the safest and one of the most spectacular options for your 2020 summer holidays:

  • Yachting will be a great choice especially for this summer is that, a yacht can be cleaned and disinfected according to the virus protection instructions.
  • Greece had a very strict lockdown in past months, which resulted in a low-level Coronavirus outburst and is currently considered a lower risk Coronavirus country.
  • Isolation on board of your preferred boat limited to people you choose and trust.
  • Groceries can and will be delivered onboard of your boat.
  • No need to go to restaurants if you don`t feel to, you can cook and eat on board.
  • The marine life took a huge break during the lockdown and has recovered from usual pollution: the sea is clearer, there is much more life in it, a lot more of fishes…
  • Open sea and fresh sea air improve your immune system and keep the germs away.
  • Less crowd or no crowd at all in best bays. It’s easier to keep away from other tourists if you’re sailing around with your boat and seek out the most secluded lagoons and private beaches.
  • Full privacy onboard (in the open sea or the harbor). All the boats have everything you need for a private and hassle-free vacation, wouldn’t you agree?
  • A carefree holiday without the possibility of unwanted contact with others. No need to bump into people on a crowded beach. Have the whole boat just for you and your family, and keep everyone safe!
  • Choose a charter vacation. Staying onboard protects yourself and others, so you can stock on a bit more food and water and spend a few days in total peace.
  • No unexpected visitors. You can be sure that while staying on a boat, you won’t be bothered unless you count all the fish that will come to check who’s visiting their bay.
  • The boat becomes your home. This one is our favorite – your boat will become your home and you won’t want to leave after your vacation is over!
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