Top 7 Most Breathtaking Sunsets…

Top 7 Most Breathtaking Sunsets…

Top 7 Most Breathtaking Sunsets…

The dramatic colors that paint the horizon as day transitions to night enhance the ambience of sugar-cubed houses, fishing villages and marble temples around Greece. Sunset spots are plentiful. Wherever you stand in Greece the sunset hour will never let you down. Each and every place, island, beach, mountain or valley view has its’ own unique and extreme beauty. Here is just a small preview of what gazing at a sunset in Greece looks like from some of the top destinations all of them for your enjoyment only:

Oia, Santorini

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Santorini is one of 220 Greek islands born from the Minoan volcanic eruption that created the caldera, made picturesque by the whitewashed buildings carved into the arid landscape. There’s a reason why crowds from around the world rush to enjoy sunset at Oia, the northernmost tip of the island. Truth be told, sunset anywhere on the caldera is exquisite to behold.

Little Venice, Mykonos

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Gazing at the sunset over Little Venice, it’s hard to imagine that the island known for its crazy nightlife and hedonistic lifestyle was considered among the poorest of Greece before the sixties. Back then, Little Venice was known by the locals as Alefkandra and the old wind mills – a classic symbol of Mykonos – weren’t just for decor or for the purposes of drawing a fine silhouette for the setting sun.


Sounio, Attica

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At the southernmost point of the Attica region, Sounio stands as an emblematic archaeological site that every visitor of Athens must attend. Just an hour away from the city-center, Sounio hosts the majestic classical Temple of Poseidon, climbed on top of the hill and brutally beaten by the waves of the Aegean Sea. The place where according to ancient Greek Mythology, Aegeus fell mistakenly mourning the death of his son Theseus, is one of the must-go destinations for every sunset-lover and always included in every Athens travel guide. Relax on the grounds of Poseidon’s temple or have a swim at the beautiful beach nearby and enjoy the beautiful sunset Attica has to offer! The Temple of Poseidon stands as a timeless landmark on the peak of Cape Sounio, the southernmost tip of Attica. They say that the scrawling’s carved on one of the temple’s doorposts were left by Lord Byron himself. These days, ancient Sounio is just as much a place of peace, quiet and streaky orange sunsets as it was in the days of early travelers.

Keri Lighthouse, Zakynthos

NAVAGIO 1024x602

No better place to see the last drops of the sun oozing into the sea than at Keri (meaning candle in Greek)! The lighthouse stands at the tipping point of a steep slope where the wild rocks meet the sea, offering one of the most astonishing views on Zakynthos. Zakynthos belongs to the Heptanese island complex of the Ionian Sea which is located at the western part of Greece. Completely different to the Cyclades islands, Zakynthos hosts lush pine forests reaching down the beach, resulting in a mesmerizing scenery with emerald waters and long stretched sandy beaches. Perhaps the most iconic landmark of the island is the shipwreck (Navagio) at the northwesternmost tip of the island attracting visitors from all around the world. The beach of the shipwreck is accessible only by boat but one can enjoy a spectacular sunset from the cliffs overlooking the picturesque beach. Do not forget to grab your camera and enjoy a view taken out from a fairytale.


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Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades with a vast history and a tranquil atmosphere, suitable for anyone that wants to have an authentic Cycladic experience off-the-beaten-path. Just by visiting the Chora of Naxos, you will find yourselves surrounded by monuments dated from antiquity up until today. Wander around the alleys of the medieval castle of Naxos but do not miss the opportunity to catch the sunset at the small islet of Palatia at the port of Naxos. There, you’ll have the chance to sit on the grounds of the ancient temple of Apollo and watch the sun setting behind Portara, the monumental gate of the temple, the symbol of Naxos! Plaka is a wonderful beach located in the Aegean island of Mlos. The beach is well-known for having turquoise waters and beautiful sunsets. Do not forget to grab your camera.

Balos – Western Crete

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Chania is a beloved travel destination both for Greeks and for foreign tourists. Come here and gaze at the colorful sunset. In case you find yourselves on the island of Crete this summer, do not miss the chance to visit Balos Lagoon, one of the most beautiful sceneries the island has to offer. After your full-day trip to get to Balos, have a bite at a nearby traditional taverna and wait for the sunset. What you are going to see will definitely compensate you for any inconvenience. The sun sets behind the small peninsula of Tigani and paints the sky with all sorts of colors as it dives in the Cretan sea. This background is ideal for you to have a last swim at the cooling waters of the lagoon and lay on the long pinkish beaches of Balos.

Lindos – Rhodes

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For those who chose Rhodes as their summer destination, the impressive Acropolis of Lindos is perhaps the best spot to catch the sunset. Visit the site of the Acropolis earlier and wander around the impressive ruins coming from different time-periods, reflecting that way the vast history of the island. Visit the temple of Lindian Athena, see from up close the huge relief of a trireme (warship) dated in the 2nd century BC and admire the Hellenistic walls of the sanctuary and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the sunset through the standing columns of the Hellenistic Stoa.  Rhodes has many interesting places that a tourist should have in mind. During your stay here, do not forget to visit Mandraki!

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