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Ermioni : A beautiful Greek coastal town. Classed as an ‘island town’ of captivating beauty, as the sea surrounds the town from three sides. The unspoilt Greece, charming – historic – cultural – authentic. A fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding region which has so much to offer, from historical sites to some of the finest beaches and picturesque islands.


Bourloto: Bourloto is a Sandy beach with rocks and small sandy beaches


Maria’s , Kabos, Cookoida

Ermioni Port

  • Shelter :All round on the western side of the 2 piers.The E and NE winds send in a swell which rocks the vessel a fair amount.ATTENTION :In the beginning of July (1-15) there usually blows a very strong W wind,that can be very dangerous and last 2-3 hours.Find the sing for this weather in the Local Weather Forecast on Channel 12,18.
  • Mooring :Good holding