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Messolonghi is a beautiful small town located on the western side of Greece. Stretching around a mesmerizing sea lake dotted with tiny fishermen houses, Messolonghi oozes charm in abundance! The beautiful lake of Messolonghi is the prime economic source of this little town, as many inhabitants live from fishing and fish roe trading.

The sea lake is also one of the best places to visit in Messolonghi! Although it is surrounded by beautiful beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes, Messolonghi is perfect for relaxing holidays and is a popular destination for families with kids and couples. Apart from its natural beauty, Messolonghi is a town with great historical significance.

That’s because of the historical Exodus of Messolonghi, the dramatic exit of the besieged inhabitants of the town during the Greek Revolution in April 1826 and their slaughtering from the Ottomans. The Garden of Heroes, a beautiful park in the center of the town, is dedicated to this tragic event.

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